Conor McGregor thanks Alex Poatan for his support and announces his return to the UFC: 'Real recognizes real'

Sportsmanship marks interaction between stars after controversy over UFC 303 last Saturday (29)

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has an indefinite return in the UFC. (Photo: Instagram)

Amid the repercussions of the injury that took him out of UFC 303, Conor McGregor received support from another giant name in the organization: Alex Poatán. The UFC light heavyweight champion (up to 93 kg.) minimized the criticism directed at the Irishman for his giving up the fight against Michael chandler and highlighted the differences in their situations.

“They are different situations. He (McGregor) doesn't need to fight with a broken finger, because that limits you a lot. The conditions are different. He has already made his life, achieved what he achieved. I'm only halfway there, achieving my things. For me, it was better to fight, even with a broken finger. I think he did his best, maybe in his place I would do the same”, declared Poatan.


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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/X/UFCEspanol
Colby Covington Charles from the Bronx

The Brazilian's attitude generated recognition from McGregor, who turned to “X” (formerly the Twitter platform) to thank him for his support and announce his return to the Octagon.

“Real recognizes real. Excited to secure my new date”, wrote the Irishman.


The interaction between the fighters demonstrates sportsmanship and mutual respect, even after the rivalry in the ring. Poatan, on a meteoric rise as a star in the organization, recognizes McGregor's trajectory and the difficulty of maintaining a high level for so long. The Irishman, in the recovery phase, is motivated to compete again and regain his place among the best in the world.

Conor McGregor thanks Alex Poatan for support and announces return to UFC

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