Jon Jones joins Jiri Prochazka and claims he has witnessed 'magic' on rivals in the UFC

Heavyweight champion avoids mentioning names and says that sensitivity influenced energies and spirits in arenas

Jon Jones claims to have witnessed 'magic' in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/X

Target of harsh criticism after suggesting that Alex Poatán was involved in magic and rituals before fights, Jiri Prochazka gained reinforcement Jon Jones to strengthen this theory. Despite not addressing the Brazilian, the current heavyweight champion (up to 120,2kg) assured that he has witnessed moments when opponents and the atmosphere of the arena were enveloped by spirits.

“Lately there has been a lot of talk about channeling spirits and magic in MMA. This is all very real. I felt all kinds of strange energies entering these arenas. Looking into the eyes of certain opponents. I want everyone to know that Jesus Christ is king, he is and will always be undefeated. Every knee will bow,” Jones declared on his official Twitter account. 'X' (old Twitter).


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Michel Pereira at UFC weigh-in. (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@ufc

In response to the champion's statement, some internet users agreed, while others suggested that the fighter was under the influence of drugs for publishing such an opinion about magic and spirits.

Jiri Prochazka faced Alex Poatán No. UFC 303. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


When Prochazka accused Poatan of resorting to rituals before the fight, the Brazilian was succinct when responding to his opponent and stated that he is protected by God before anything else.

“I know he talks a lot about spirituality. Just so he knows, the same God who blessed us is the one who protects us. I pray a lot for him and for me to be fine after this fight”, said Poatan in a press conference after UFC 303.


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