Wanderlei Silva says that his rivalry with Chael Sonnen is in the past and admits: 'I like him'

Protagonist of a heated rivalry with Sonnen in the past, Wanderlei Silva praised his former enemy

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen fight

Wanderlei Silva e Chael Sonnen under discussion on TUF Brasil (Photo: YouTube/Reproduction)

Chael Sonnen he collected Brazilian dislikes throughout his professional MMA career, but seems to have captivated his former rivals after his retirement. Weeks after being chosen as an opponent for Anderson Silva In the 'Spider's' last boxing fight on Brazilian soil, the loud-mouthed North American received praise from another former rival: Wanderlei Silva.

Chael Sonnen e Wanderlei Silva they were involved in an intense rivalry at the beginning of the last decade. The two were coaches on the third season of 'The Ultimate Fighter Brasil', a UFC reality show, and actually came to blows during a recording.


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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/X/UFCEspanol

The two, however, were unable to face each other in the Ultimate Octagon for various reasons that led to three fight cancellations. The meeting only took place at Bellator, in 2017, with the North American winning a unanimous decision.

Years later, the two shared the same stage again last week, when they were inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Asked by reporters at the ceremony about the feeling of meeting Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva he assured that the rivalry was in the past and praised his former enemy.


“If I find him now, we will have a wrestling match (laughs). I am joking. He's a nice guy. I like him. The rivalry is over”, said 'Mad Dog'.

MMA legend mainly for the services provided at PRIDE, Wanderlei Silva was immortalized in the 'Pioneers' wing of the UFC Hall of Fame, while Chael Sonnen secured a place in the 'Ala da Luta' for the first duel with Anderson Silva.


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