Max Holloway refutes Ilia Topuria's accusations and sets a date for the featherweight belt fight

Accused of 'running away from contention', Holloway hits back at champion and points to UFC 306, in September, as the ideal event for a duel

Max Holloway presenting at the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Max Holloway in presentation at UFC. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The delay in confirming the featherweight belt fight (up to 65,7 kg) between Ilia Topuria e Max Holloway has been making champion and challenger fight on social media, blaming each other. After being accused of 'running away' from the confrontation, Holloway responded and assured that he was ready in a post on the social network 'X'.

“The guy is just making things up at this stage. I have been ready”, guaranteed the former champion.


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Topuria's rejoinder was not long in coming. On the same social network, the Georgian-Spanish asked his rival to choose the date for the duel and inform Dana White.

“Pick a date, choose the way you want me to beat you and write it here. I'm ready to turn off your lights any day and anywhere. Call Dana”, replied the owner of the belt.


Lastly, Max Holloway assured that he is in contact with Ultimate and pointed to UFC 306, which takes place on September 14th, at 'Esfera', in Las Vegas, as the ideal stage for the title fight.

“I've been talking to them, brother. You need to check your numbers. Since you asked, I would like it to be in the 'Esfera' by thumb lock. See you soon,” he finished.

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