Sonnen is sincere when pointing out a rival that Poatan should avoid in order to preserve his reign: 'it's not worth it'

Commentator argues that the position of star that Brazilians occupy needs to deny confrontations that generate risks

Amidst several questions about who really deserves to be the next opponent of Alex Poatán in the light heavyweight division (up to 93kg.), Chael Sonnen anticipated and warned about the Brazilian's possible choices. Aware that there is a chance of Magomed Ankalayev being selected, the commentator highlighted the anti-game applied by the Russian that could cause problems for the champion.

“You're going to start hearing about Ankalaev (like Poatan's next fight). He's the only guy left. The problem is that Ankalaev has a skill set: he is a fighter from Dagestan, which means he has high-level grappling. And the only style that we haven't seen Alex dominate or even defeat is this type of fighter," Sonnen said in an interview with Infinity Sports Network.


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Finally, Sonnen argued that it is not worth Poatan accepting the confrontation against Ankalaev.

“It’s not worth taking the risk, in my opinion. Taking the risk that this guy might surpass your biggest star. This guy called Ankalaev. Running the risk of him taking the place of your biggest star, I don’t know,” she concluded.

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Alex Poatán and M. Ankalaev are light heavyweight standouts. Photo: Reproduction/Montage SUPER FIGHTS

Despite all the fear expressed by fans and professionals about the risk of Poatan facing Ankalaev, the Brazilian has already declared his willingness to face the Russian in his next title defense. In the champion's view, even if a victory occurs, they will still doubt their ability in the face of athletes with superior skills in grappling.


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