Diego Lima claims to pursue fights that will take Do Bronx to the title and admits interest in former rival

The Brazilian's coach and manager highlights the importance of the decision for the former champion's next appearance

Diego Lima (left) next to Charles of the Bronx (dir). Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @diegolimacb

Current second place in the lightweight rankings (up to 70,3kg.) Charles of the Bronx and his team carefully look for the next fight to be held in the UFC. Willing to take his pupil to the belt again, Diego Lima admitted that a possible rematch against Dustin poirier It would be interesting, despite mentioning other names that would eventually speed up the path to the title.

“Maybe a new fight against Poirier? I would like. Poirier just fought for the belt, he's a guy with an absurd name and from fights pay-per-view (PPV) from Charles was the one that sold the most pay-per-view. So it's a cool fight. I believe that by beating Poirier, we are back in the belt. In the top 5, who makes sense? I think only Poirier”, declared Diego in an interview with 'Canal Encarada'.


During his speech, Diego defended a possible call for Do Bronx to face Islam makhachev next and reinforced the importance of the decision for the pupil's next step.

“If by chance Arman cannot fight in October, Charles is second in the rankings. 'Ah, but it's coming from a setback', isn't Adesanya going to fight for the belt and is it coming from a setback too? Didn't McGregor fight for the belt after a setback too? Would a win over Volkanovski take us to the belt? (…) We have to think of a guy who would take Charles to the belt”, he concluded.

Diego Lima (left) poses with C. Do Bronx and the belt won at UFC 262. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Diego Lima (left) poses with C. Do Bronx and the belt he won in UFC 262. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Charles currently has two defeats in a row, but he still holds second place in the lightweight rankings. In the Brazilian's view, just one or two victories keep him from having another chance at becoming champion again.

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