Ankalaev believes that Poatan is overrated and makes a critical assessment of his rival's performances

Athlete from Russia attacks light heavyweight champion again and recalls the athlete's fights to justify analysis

Magomed Ankalaev should be Alex Poatan's next opponent. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Magomed Ankalayev want to face Alex Poatán. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Determined to achieve his dream title fight against Alex Poatán, Magomed Ankalayev uses spotlights to promote eventual confrontation and provoke the Brazilian. Aware that the Brazilian is the target of doubts about his power in grappling, the Russian guaranteed that there are several plans in mind to overcome him, including the use of wrestling in the fight.

“With Alex, just watch some of his previous fights: With (Jan) Blachowicz, his wrestling was at a high level and Alex didn't have much to offer. The same thing happened with (Israel) Adesanya. They are both strikers, but Adesanya managed to show him some wrestling. I think he's a great striker, but he's the type of guy that always moves forward, and sometimes that's where he can make mistakes, where I can catch him. There is a strategy we have if he cannot defend himself. There is a strategy we have if he is going to use striking. But also, if we add wrestling here, I think he has no chance and I have some options on how to finish him,” Ankalaev told MMA Junkie.


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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@alexpoatanpereira
Diego Lima (left) next to Charles do Bronx (right). Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @diegolimacb

In addition to belittling Poatan's wrestling skills, Ankalaev went against the grain and stated that the Brazilian's striking techniques are overrated.

“He definitely has a strong punch, but in general his standup fighting is overrated. Watch his fight with Jamahal hill. He had something to offer to counterattack. The same happened in the fight with Prochazka. You can see that he is also moving forward with the same style. He was lucky not to have faced serious opposition. The wrestling is there, but I'm ready to fight with him standing up, to test him”, he guaranteed.

poatan ankalaev

A. Poatan and M. Ankalaev are light heavyweight standouts. Photo: Reproduction/Montage SUPER FIGHTS

Finally, Magomed was willing to fight in the United States, despite declaring a preference to fight in Abu Dhabi, in October.


“So far, we have no set date. I don't have any problems with the visa at the moment. I have a valid visa, so if it's (in the US) that's an option. I would love for it to be in Abu Dhabi, which is a better place for me,” she concluded.

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