On the eve of his fourth chance at the world title, Robson Conceição guarantees: 'It's my moment'

Olympic champion Robson Conceição challenges O'Shaquie Foster for the World Boxing Council super featherweight belt

R. Conceição competes for the world title this Saturday (Photo: Instagram/TopRank)

Olympic champion in Rio 2016, Robson Conceição will have his fourth chance to win a world boxing belt this Saturday (6), when he faces O'Shaquie Foster for the World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight title.

In an interview with 'Combate', the Brazilian boxer, who has two defeats and a draw in three previous title fights, trusts in the weight of a promise made to his daughter to finally become world champion.


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“It’s not in our time, it’s in God’s time. It's the time he thinks we deserve. So I'm sure this is my moment, it's a great chance in my life. A great opportunity for me to fulfill the promise I made to my daughter, that I would give her the world champion belt. Just like the first one, Sophia, I promised that I would be an Olympic champion and give her the Olympic medal, and my biggest focus, my biggest motivation is to fulfill that promise and, certainly, this will be the great moment”, he stated. .

While many could view past failures as something negative, Robson Conceição believes that the learning and experience gained from defeats will be a key factor in eventual achievement.


“I, since Olympic boxing, have been an athlete who is very strong, very mentally determined. I had three chances to become Olympic champion. In the first two I unfortunately lost, but I had a team and I still have a team that believes in me. My family, my desire to win, to be a world champion, just as it was to be an Olympic champion. It makes me very strong. So what's left behind for me stays behind. It's a great learning experience. And I'm trying to come back to the gym to train much harder and, in the future, do better physically, mentally, technically and that's how I'll get on with my life”, he explained.

Finally, Robson analyzed and praised champion O'Shaquie Foster, but said he was ready to dethrone him.


“Foster is an opponent who usually fights at both bases. He uses straight strikes very well, but I believe that with me he won't be able to use them, as I'm training very well for that. It will be a difficult fight, but not impossible to win. I’m dedicating myself, training a lot and I’ll definitely be ready to surprise everyone”, he concluded.

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