Coach detonates Jiri Prochazka's strategy in defeat to Alex Poatan at UFC 303

Georges St-Pierre's trainer, Firas Zahabi, spared no criticism of Prochazka's performance in the title fight

Jiri Prochazka in defeat to Alex Poatán No. UFC 300 (Photo: Instagram/UFC)

the performance of Jiri Prochazka in defeat in rematch against Alex Poatán in the main fight of UFC 303, last Saturday (29) disappointed many who were eagerly waiting to see the adjustments that the Czech would make in relation to the defeat of UFC 295, in November last year. Among them, the renowned coach Firas Zahabi.

In a video published on Tristar Gym's official YouTube channel, Georges St-Pierre's coach spared no criticism regarding the strategy used by Prochazka.


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Alex Poatan is UFC champion. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“You would think Jiri would have ten more years of wrestling and yet he didn't even think about a fall. He tried a small clinch, but didn't even hit that door. Very disappointing strategy from Jiri. Jiri was apparently happy to exchange on the feet and, I'll tell you, in the first minute of the first round, Poatan threw four kicks and you could tell he was already hurting Jiri's legs”, said the coach.

Strategy and performance were not the only focus of Zahabi's criticism, who also questioned Prochazka's preparation methods for the duel.


“I think Jiri's strategy and performance were the worst ever. The worst performance he's ever had. I heard that he spent three days in some cave meditating, thinking about the fight, how he would face it. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work”, he concluded.

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