SUPER FIGHTS Retrospective: Remember the best fights of the first half of MMA

The first six months of the year were marked by battles worthy of titles and unforgettable outcomes

Paulo borrachinha (dir.) in fight against Robert whittaker (left): Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The month of June came to an end last Sunday (30) and with it the first half of 2024. The first six months of the year presented MMA fans with electrifying and memorable fights, which sent fans into a frenzy. Not only Brazilians, but North Americans, Russians, Czechs, Australians, Austrians and French are part of the history made this year.

With that in mind, the team at SUPER FIGHTS separated the five best fights of the semester in MMA.


5) Robert Whittaker x Paulo Borrachinha – UFC 298


Robert whittaker in fight against Paulo borrachinha. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Scheduled for the penultimate fight of the big event held in California (USA), Robert whittaker e Paulo borrachinha They did not fail to meet fans' expectations and delivered a true battle in the octagon. Complete with round kicks, injuries and a lot of spirit, the fighters faced each other for 15 minutes in a crucial duel in the middleweight division (under 83,9kg).


Despite almost achieving a spectacular knockout, the Brazilian ended up being defeated in a unanimous decision by the judges and lost the opportunity to get closer to a possible fight for the category title.

4) Justin Gaethje x Max Holloway – UFC 300

Max Holloway (right) throws a blow at Justin Gaethje (left) at UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC_japan

Max Holloway (dir.) strikes a blow at Justin gaethje (left) in UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/UFC_japan


In a valid dispute for the BMF belt, Justin gaethje e Max Holloway They lived up to their status as the organization's 'toughest athlete' and decided to exchange blows on their feet from the beginning to the end of the fight. On the grand stage UFC 300, the fighters had an iconic outcome that will mark generations: frank exchanges in the center of the octagon until the Hawaiian managed to score an unexpected knockout in the last second of the battle. At 4 minutes and 59 seconds, 'Blessed' erased his rival and became the new champion of the commemorative title.

An underdog in the bookmakers, Holloway had a dominant performance and put everything at risk by accepting a dangerous moment against his compatriot. Willing to put on a show, the fighter was presented with victory and even bagged a 'Fight of the Night' bonus alongside Gaethje.

3) Islam Makhachev x Dustin Poirier – UFC 302

Dustin poirier in a title fight against Islam makhachev (Photo: Playback / Instagram)


Protagonists of UFC 302, Islam and Dustin managed to turn a clash of styles into a battle applauded by all the fans present at the Prudential Center Arena, in New Jersey (USA). Prepared to defend many of the takedowns applied by the Russian, Poirier was successful in keeping the fight standing and forcing the champion to exchange violent blows at short and medium distance.

Despite all the dedication and difficulty imposed against Makhachev, Poirier ended up succumbing to the champion's grappling talent and was submitted against the North Americans in the fifth round of the fight.

2) Dustin Poirier x Benoit Saint-Denis – UFC 299

Dustin poirier (left) in Benoit Saint-Denis (dir) in struggle in UFC 299. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Illuminated by the spotlight and responsible for generating great anxiety in the MMA community before the confrontation, Dustin and Benoit did not disappoint when they stepped into the Octagon. In a duel of generations, the fighters had great moments and came close to triumph at times.

Poirier's race and strength, however, managed to make a difference. In the second round, the American landed a series of punches and knocked out the Frenchman in a terrifying manner, taking him to the canvas immediately. With the triumph, the veteran broke the bank and ended the positive streak that Saint-Denis had been bringing in the lightweight division.

1) Jiri Prochazka x Aleksandar Rakic ​​– UFC 300

Jiri Prochazka Aleksandar Rakic ​​UFC 300 Twitter UFC News

Jiri Prochazka in victory in UFC 300. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter @UFCNews

Despite not being selected for the main card of the historic UFC 300, Jiri and Aleksandar chose to please everyone who attended the event without paying for the package Pay-Per View. After an apathetic start and difficulties in dealing with the strategy applied by his rival, Prochazka turned the key and achieved a triumphant comeback against Rakic.

Violent as usual, the Czech began to march forward and create chaos in the fight until he managed to leave his opponent without answers and thus achieve the knockout at the T-Mobile Arena. In a comeback, Prochazka erased the victory suffered by Alex Poatán and managed to become a title challenger after an emotional victory.

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