The fierce rivalry between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal gains a new chapter in a boxing fight this Saturday

Former UFC stars have second fight, this time in boxing, in a duel valid for Real Fight Inc.,

Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal face each other on July 06th. Photo: Instagram/Real Fight Inc

After months of barbs and promises of revenge, the fierce rivalry between Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal will finally have its final chapter this Saturday (6), in the Real Fight Inc. boxing ring, in Anaheim, California. The main fight of the event, with a combined weight of 79,4kg and ten three-minute rounds, promises to be a show of tension between two of the biggest names in the recent history of the sport. UFC.

The main fight of the event takes on rivalry tones after months of provocations between the protagonists, including team fights and hot faces. Nate diaz tries to win his first in boxing after being surpassed by Jake Paul in July, while Jorge makes his first performance in the noble art.


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The confrontation between Diaz x Masvidal will not be the only attraction at Real Fight Inc. In addition, the organization is also promoting another fight featuring a former UFC champion. Anthony Pettis faces Chris Avila in a six-round fight.

The brother of the controversial Ryan Garcia, Sean Garcia, is another relevant character on the card who draws attention as it follows the banning of the boxing phenomenon by the World Boxing Council for racism and religious intolerance.


Nate Diaz x Jorge Masvidal

Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will face each other on July 06th. Photo: Instagram/Real Fight Inc

Nate diaz e Jorge masvidal face each other on July 06th. Photo: Instagram/Real Fight Inc

The history of Nate diaz x Jorge masvidal began in 2019, more precisely in UFC 244, when the 'Jesus of the Streets' knocked out your opponent, winning the symbolic BMF (Badass Motherf**ker – The toughest) belt. The rematch, now in boxing, brings a special flavor of redemption for the 'bad boy', as the Gamebred seeks to confirm its hegemony.


Both fighters recently left the UFC. Diaz had his contract terminated and became a free agent, while Masvidal retired and took charge of 'Gamebred FC', a bare-knuckle boxing event. The organization, however, granted special authorization for the North American to participate in the fight, given the magnitude of the event.

The tension between the rivals had already been palpable since their last meeting, in 2019. The pre-fight press conference, which took place in June, only served to inflame tempers even further. It all started when Nate refused to participate in the traditional face-off with Jorge, which generated a heated discussion between the fighters and their teams. The situation quickly degenerated into an all-out brawl, with punches and slaps flying.

With adrenaline running high, the two fighters take to the ring this Saturday with different goals. For Nate diaz, the fight represents the chance to erase the 2019 defeat and establish himself as the king of the rivalry. Masvidal is looking for redemption after his early retirement from the UFC and to gain morale in his professional boxing debut.


Technical details of Nate Diaz x Jorge Masvidal

Order date: 06 July 2024

Open Hours: From 22pm (Brasília time)

Location: Honda Center, Anaheim, California, United States

How to watch: DAZN (the entire card) online.


Light heavyweight (up to 79,3 kg): Nate diaz x Jorge masvidal

Light heavyweight weights (up to 79,3 kg): Anthony Pettis x Chris Avila

Lightweight (up to 61,2 kg): Sean Garcia x Amado Vargas

Lightweight (up to 61,2 kg): Devin Cushing x Manny Correa

Super middleweight (up to 76 kg): Daniel Jacobs x Shane Mosley Jr.

Welterweight (up to 67 kg): Alan Sanchez x Louie Lopez


Super middleweight (up to 76 kg): Kenny Lopez Jr x Andres Martinez

Welterweight (up to 67 kg): José Aguayo x Bryce Logan

Heavyweight: Steven Dunn x Gabriel Aguilar Costa

Super light weight (up to 63,5 kg): Luciano Ramos x Dan Hernandez

Poatan is defended by former champion amid persecution suffered in the UFC

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