Former UFC champion, Jéssica Bate-Estaca opens up about disappointment with her former coach and considers going to court

Shaken trust relationship and financial problems could lead former UFC champion to justice

Jéssica Bate-Estaca before her UFC fight. Photo: Reproduction/@jessicammapro

Jessica Stacker before fighting in the UFC. Photo: Reproduction/@jessicammapro

After a turbulent divorce and financial problems, the former strawweight champion (up to 52,1 kg) of UFC, Jessica Stacker, may be about to enter a new battle, this time in court. In an interview with Ag Fight, the athlete revealed that she is considering suing her former coach, Gilliard Paraná, owner of the 'PRVT' team, for alleged financial and trust problems.

The partnership between Bate-Estaca and Paraná, which lasted more than a decade, came to an end a few months ago. According to the fighter, the separation was due to differences regarding the management of her earnings in the organization chaired by Dana White.


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“The percentage charged by PRVT was 30%, right? 30% for having nothing. Because I paid 30% to the team and on top of that I had to pay the coaches, on the side. The 30% was only for Paraná. The rest I had to pay Bruno (nephew from Paraná), I had to pay 'oh so and so is coming to do some training', I had to pay so and so. 'Ah Cyclano will pull the handle for you', he had to pay. And the team gave nothing. When we have nothing and no education, we go with what they offer us. He used the influence he had in my life, like a 'father', to put the things he wanted”, declared Jéssica.

Betrayed by someone you trusted? Bate-Estaca reveals problems with former coach and considers lawsuit

The disagreements, however, go beyond financial issues. Bate-Estaca states that she felt betrayed by Paraná, who she considered as a 'father'.


“He kept saying he was like a father to me and when I found out the things he did to me, I said: 'That's definitely not something a father would do'. Many things happened and I believe that in the future – maybe not now because he returned to Brazil and things are more difficult, the Brazilian government is a bit difficult – but I hope that things will be resolved soon, that justice will be done” , said the former champion.

Even with the problems, Bate-Estaca appears confident and resilient. The athlete has already established herself financially and is ready for new challenges inside the octagon. His next appointment will be on September 7th, against Natalia Silva, at flyweight (56,7 kg.), in the UFC. In her career, the former champion of the organization has 26 positive results and 12 negative results.

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