In exciting boxing rematch, Nate Diaz overcomes Jorge Masvidal and returns defeat from 2019

The two controversial fighters fought 10 rounds of great emotion, which ended in victory for the 'Bad Boy'

N. Diaz is declared the winner against J. Masvidal (Photo: Social Networks)

The most anticipated event of the weekend without UFC lived up to the huge expectations of fans. In the main fight of 'Real Fight Inc', a boxing card held in Anaheim, California, Nate diaz surpassed the also veteran Jorge masvidal in the majority decision of the judges and won his first fight in the noble art, returning the defeat he suffered in 2019 in the UFC.

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The main fight of 'Real Fight Inc' took on rivalry tones after months of provocations between the protagonists, including team fights and hot faces. Nate diaz sought to win his first in boxing after being surpassed by Jake Paul in July, while Jorge made his first performance in the noble art.


In the ring set up in Anaheim, California, the two ex-UFC veterans, despite having little boxing experience, delivered 10 rounds of a duel with a lot of emotion. From the first bell ringing, Diaz used his traditional style of working combinations well, with a greater number of strikes, while Masvidal sought more power, using more single strikes.

After 10 rounds, the fight went to the judges' scorecards, who declared the victory of Nate diaz by majority decision (95-95, 97-93, 98-92).


Watch the moment Nate Diaz announced his victory over Jorge Masvidal

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