Robson Conceição's rival does not hide his indignation after controversial result: 'They stole this fight from me'

O'Shaquie Foster disagreed with the side judges' decision and spared no words to express his indignation

R. Conceição and O'Foster during the duel (Photo: Disclosure/ Social Networks)

Last Saturday night (06), Robson Conceição beat O'Shaquie Foster on points and won the World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight belt. However, still in the ring after the fight, the American did not hide his indignation with the judges' split decision and stated that he felt 'robbed' by those responsible for scheduling the fight's rounds.

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“I thought it was a quiet victory. I found the fight easy. I wasn't touched, with the exception of the headbutt. I will come back. I want the rematch. They stole this fight from me,” Foster said.


Soon after, the new champion defended himself and disagreed with his opponent's opinion, claiming that he deserved to emerge victorious.

“I think I won. I attacked Foster more. He gave me a lot of trouble because he moved a lot, but I threw a lot more strikes and he didn't want to fight. I threw a lot more strikes and looked for the fight a lot more, so I deserved this victory. I struck a lot, I didn't strike anymore because he didn't accept the fight, he moved a lot, so I couldn't connect any more blows than I did. If he maybe stopped a little more, I would definitely combine a lot more strikes”, replied Robson.


The decision in favor of the Brazilian was quite controversial as Robson landed fewer strikes (76 x 435), fewer jabs (27 x 263) and fewer significant strikes (49 x 172). Furthermore, Foster also starred in the main moments of the confrontation.

This was the fourth time that Robson Conceição competed for a world belt in his career. In the first, he ended up defeated by Oscar Valdez in a very controversial decision by the judges in 2021. Afterwards, the Brazilian was dominated by Shakur Stevenson in the decision and ended up drawing with Mexican Emanuel Navarrete, in November.

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