Erceg reveals support for Pantoja's success as champion and cites unusual reason for feeling

Australian compares his performance against the Brazilian with other athletes present in the flyweight division

Alexandre pantoja e Steve Erceg – Buda Mendes_UFC Disclosure

Victim of the great power of Alexandre pantoja No. UFC 301, Steve Erceg He doesn't allow setbacks to dominate his desire and dream of winning the belt. On the contrary, the athlete uses the Brazilian's success as his greatest motivation to achieve an eventual rematch against his last tormentor. Despite cheering, the fighter guarantees that the feeling translates into a chance to get revenge in the future.

“I really hope he's still the champion, because I don't know what I'm going to do if another guy can beat him and I can't. …I don't like swearing, but…yeah, so I would prefer him to still be at the top. Let’s resolve this,” said Erceg in an interview with Submission Radio.


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Despite not having won the belt, Steve can see the positive side of having given the current flyweight champion (up to 56,7kg) a great fight.

“I feel like more people know who I am now. Obviously, that's good for getting big fights and opportunities, which is great, and I've found that I can maintain myself at that level. He beat a lot of competitors, basically everyone in the division, so the fact that I was able to hold out for five rounds and feel like I was the one winning at the end… was incredible. Obviously, it's a shame that I have to look at his record now with my name associated with it, but that's okay.”


Alexandre pantoja (dir.) fighting in UFC 301 against Steve Erceg. Photo: Reproduction/X @UFC

Protagonists of UFC 301, Alexandre pantoja e Steve Erceg They faced each other for five rounds and the Brazilian had his hand raised in the judges' unanimous decision. At the time, the Australian was considered a big underdog and ranked 10th in the category ranking.

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