Renowned referee reveals 'offside' and explains why he doesn't act in Leon Edwards fights

Marc Goddard revealed that he was the Englishman's first MMA coach and says he always asks him not to act in his fights, to avoid major problems

leon edwards

Leon edwards is the UFC welterweight champion (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

One of the most experienced referees in Ultimate, Marc Goddard never intends to mediate the fight of one of the main athletes on the squad. In an interview with 'Overdogs Podcast', the renowned mediator said that he always asks not to act in fights. Leon edwards, because he was his first MMA coach.

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“Here is a classic case: Leon edwards. You've never seen me referee fights Leon edwards in the UFC, and you'll never see it. Why? Because I was his first MMA coach. A long, long time ago, when he was just an amateur. But again, the important thing is common sense for me, even if the call is like that, who knew (what would happen) when Leon first walked into that gym as a raw amateur, a raw novice with no experience? Now look at him,” said Goddard.


The referee continued to justify himself and said that his decision was based on caution and the concern of not seeing his name involved in probable controversies after a possible doubtful situation.

“Now, he's the UFC welterweight champion, but you've never seen me referee your fight, and you never will, because I just stay out of the way. I just don’t want any inconvenience and I don’t want to be put in a bad situation, both ways”, concluded the referee.


Current welterweight champion, Edwards will put his belt on the line for the third time at UFC 0, which takes place on July 304th, in a rematch against the American Belal Muhammad |.

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