Diaz's former coach expresses concern and says he disagrees with a duel against Luque: 'it doesn't make sense'

Cesar Gracie believes that this is not the ideal time for a former pupil; confrontation takes place on August 3

N. Diaz faces Vincent Luque on August 3rd. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In the midst of a turbulent phase in his MMA career, Nick Diaz has a new fight confirmed for August 3rd, against Vincent Luque in Abu Dhabi. Keeping an eye on the situation experienced by his pupil, Cesar Gracie does not hesitate to oppose the duel against the Brazilian. In the former coach's view, the confrontation currently makes no sense for the former challenger for the welterweight title (up to 77,1kg.).

“I'm not really involved in this fight, I'll be completely honest with you. It wasn't my idea, it wouldn't have been the fight I would have done, for example, if I was advising Nick, I wouldn't have advised him to do that fight. In Abu Dhabi, I wouldn't advise him to fight abroad at this time. Luque is a really tough guy, Nick is a tough guy, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. At the point where Nick is in his career, I don’t know, it’s not the fight I would take,” the trainer told Submission Radio.


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Defeated in his last appearance in the octagon when he faced Robbie Lawler in 2021, Nick wasted an opportunity to return to his winning ways. The athlete's last triumph occurred in 2011, when he overcame B.J. Penn in the judges' decision.

Vincent Luque (left) stares Nick Diaz (right) on August 3rd. Photograph; Reproduction/Montage SUPER FIGHTS


Considered a big underdog in the bookmakers, Nick returns to the octagon on August 7th and takes part in the penultimate fight of UFC Abu Dhabi, which will have up to five rounds. Currently, both athletes are looking to return to the path of victory.

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