Stefane Dias comments on Thiago Silva's preparation for UFC-108

ATT physical trainer and responsible for training Thiago Silva for a fight against Rashad evans, Stefane Dias spoke to the website SUPER FIGHTS and explained how the Brazilian is preparing for the duel at UFC-108.

“Thiago is training very hard for this fight. We focused our work on Rashad's game, which is wrestling. Liborio is taking care of the ground strategy to avoid takedowns and if he falls underneath, try to sweep, while Katel Kubis was responsible for the striking part”, said Stefane, who analyzed the physical part of the Brazilian.


“Thiago is the athlete at the academy who trains the most, if training is scheduled for 11 am, he arrives at 10 am. And our work was based on speed, as Rashad is a very explosive athlete and in this final phase we gave a lot emphasis on that”, he added.

the duel between Thiago Silva e Rashad evans will be the main attraction of UFC-108, an event that takes place on January 2nd in Las Vegas, United States.



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