Carlos Vieira wins absolute victory in the Kamikaze Jiu-Jitsu Cup

Held this weekend in Ribeirão Preto, the Kamikaze Sports jiu-jitsu Cup excited the audience at Cava do Bosque. With more than 400 registrants, the event distributed more than 20 thousand reais in prizes. The big winner of the tournament was brown belt Carlos Vieira, who defeated Andre Bad Boy in the absolute final and pocketed three thousand reais. Check the results of the absolute categories

White Belt
1st Silvio Aranha (Ryan Gracie)
2nd Matheus Nishi (Z.F.T)
3°Rodolfo (Nucleus)
3°Diego (Gracie Barra Rio Preto)

Blue strip
1°Vagner Constantino (Nucleus)
2°Ramon (Nucleus)
3°Luiz Filipe (Robson Moura)
3°Pedro Nasser (Robson Moura)



Purple strip
1°Rafael Neves (Core)
2nd Jader Cabral (Acts)
3°Paulo Surien (Ryan Gracie)
3°Mauricio Antunes (Nucleus)


Brown/Black Belts
1st Carlos Vieira (Marcos Ruivo)
2°Andre Bad Boy (Gymnastics and CIA)
3°Marcio Mendes (Robson Moura)
3rd William Martins (Robson Moura)



Final Classification Teams:
1st Team Robson Moura -295 points
2nd Core Team - 292 points
3rd Team Gracie Barra Sertãozinho - 126 points


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