Don Frye announces retirement from MMA

Don frye

the veteran Don frye announced at the end of the year that he is retiring from MMA. The fighter who starred in major fights in Pride and UFC decided to hang up his gloves and dedicate himself to new work.



“I'm right about giving up MMA. I had many stories, good times, but I got tired of receiving bad checks and lies from prosecutors. I'm sick of it. Even though I want to fight, I'm tired of being deceived”, announced the heavyweight, who is on American screens starring in commercials for the telephone company AT and T.



“It’s hard work. It’s not just standing in front of the camera, making faces and reading the lines – you have to put in the effort,” says Frye, who waxes.



“I was lucky, the luck of the Irish.”


Don Frye has 29 MMA fights, with 20 wins, 8 losses and 1 No Contest. His greatest triumph came in 1996 when he won the GP in the eighth edition of the UFC, defeating names like Thomas Ramirez, Sam Adkins and in the grand final going through Gary Goodridge.



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