Munil Adriano with a full schedule for 2010

Muniel Adriano

The year 2009 is not over yet and the agenda for Munil Adriano is full for next year. The fighter has closed fights until mid-2010 with challenges in Brazil and abroad.



“I have great expectations for next year. I have fights scheduled from March until July”, the athlete tells the website SUPER FIGHTS.



In March I fight in the United States, in April Muay Thai is being negotiated at Ibirapuera, in May I fight at Max Fight, in June I face Pantera do Boxe and in July I return to fight in the United States again”, says the athlete, who even with several commitments still take risks in producing events.



“I'm doing an event in March, that's why I don't have a fight until then”, said the fighter who promotes the National Open Muay Thai Festival on the 5th and 6th.

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