Judge returns to delay in the fight between Lyoto and Shogun

The controversial fight between Lyoto Machida e Mauricio Shogun UFC-104 won another chapter this week. Judge Nelson Hamilton, who worked on the fight, told the American website Cage Potato that he was unable to correctly analyze the fourth round and therefore believes that Shogun was the winner of the duel, valid for the Ultimate light heavyweight belt.


“There was a point in the fight (round 4) where my line of sight was blocked,” Hamilton said. “Because of the angle at which most of the round was fought, I couldn't see the punches and whether they were landing. If the fight had been on the ground, I could have looked at the screens, but this was a fight where the blows were coming all the time and I didn't want to look away and miss an important blow”, he analyzed. Hamilton also asks for the possibility of split scoring so that the scores are fairer.



“If a fighter wins a round that is balanced, it is marked 10-9.5, this would avoid more controversies”, he concluded.



Nelson Hamilton signed the following scores in the fight:



1st round: 10-9 Street

2nd round: Machida 10-9


3nd round: Machida 10-9

4nd round: Machida 10-9

5st round: 10-9 Street


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