Wand on Bisping: “I’m going to knock him out in the second round”

Climbed to face Michael Bisping at UFC-110, Wanderlei Silva commented on his preparation for the fight that will take place on February 21st, in Sydney, in the first Ultimate event in Australia. The Brazilian stated, in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, that he has emphasized striking to knock out the Englishman.


“I'm training my striking a lot because I want to knock him out. He (Bisping) is a guy who likes to fight on his feet, but is afraid to attack,” said Wand.



“I've been training more boxing, Muay Thai, knees, elbows... I want to put on a very interesting show for my friends. Bisping has a great style, but I'm going to try to knock him out in the second round”, he said, but aware that his opponent poses a danger. “One wrong move and the guy catches you, it’s over.”



The Brazilian also confirmed that he does not intend to face his former Chute Boxe teammate, Anderson Silva.



“He’s the champion, I need to prove myself inside the octagon, I need to fight better, at the moment, I don’t want to face him”, he concluded.

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