Rafaello Trator: “I fought under pressure”

Rafaello Oliveira placeholder image

The black belt Rafaello “Tractor” Oliveira feels relieved. The fighter, who after being defeated in his Ultimate debut, managed to rehabilitate himself last Saturday and won John Gunderson at UFC-108. With the triumph, the black belt stated that he was under pressure, at risk of being dismissed by the organization.



“I certainly fought under pressure,” says Rafaello, in a statement to the official UFC website. “But I did my homework and brought the victory. At the premiere I let the result slip in the last round, because I wanted to put on a show and unfortunately the result was negative. But the UFC liked the performance.”



Rafaello also commented on the strategy used to overcome the American, who has 29 fights in his career and experience in amateur boxing.



“The strategy was to take it to the ground and finish, unfortunately I couldn't. I think I could have punished him more, but I was thinking about the bonus for finishing the night (laughs)”.

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