Wanderlei Silva: “I love the pressure”

In the final stage of preparation for his fight against Michael Bisping at UFC-110, the Brazilian Wanderlei Silva comments, in an interview with the American website MMA Weekly, on the responsibility of starring in the first Ultimate event on Australian territory.



“It's a great honor for me because it's the first UFC in Australia and the guys put me on the card,” said Wand. “This is great because I have a lot of friends around the world. I felt the same way in Germany, for me it is excellent for opening the doors to the biggest event in the world”, says the Brazilian, who analyzes the responsibility of winning, as he comes from two consecutive defeats in the organization.



“In every fight I see the rope around the neck,” he said. “But it doesn’t matter, I love the pressure. I've been fighting for a long time in my life, I fight because I like it, I fight because I have a lot of fans around the world who like my fights”, concludes Wand.

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