Thales Leites beats Gustavo Ximú at Fatality Arena

Held last night, Fatality Arena excited the public present at the Clube Central Gymnasium in Niterói. In the main attraction of the night, the duel between the Snakes teams, led by Thales leites, and Eagles, led by Gustavo Ximú, was exciting, being decided only in the last fight. With victories by Fabiano Soldado, Henrique Mello and Carlos Índio, the Snake's turned the score to 3-2 in the best of five fights and guaranteed victory for the team of Thales leites🇧🇷 Check the results:


Snakes Team x Eagles Team Challenge:


– Fabiano Soldado (Snakes Team) defeated Janailson Kelvin (Eagles Team) by withdrawal (injury) in R3;
– Eduardo Simões (Eagles Team) submitted Walber Barros “Teté” (Snakes Team) with a heel hook in R1;
– Alexandre Pinheiro (Eagles Team) submitted Mauricio Rossi (Snakes Team) with a kimura in R1;
– Henrique Mello (Snakes Team) submitted Aloísio Dado (Eagles Team) with a triangle armbar in R2;
– Carlos Índio (Snakes Team) knocked out Alexandre “Baixinho” (Eagles Team) in R1;

Other MMA fights:


– Gegê (Oriente Jiu-Jitsu) defeated Junior Abedi (Relma) in a unanimous decision by the judges;
– Aline Sérgio (Diogo Tavares) defeated Jennifer (Relma) in a unanimous decision by the judges;

Muay Thai:


– Tony Carlos (Hegas Zulu) defeated Ricardo Dias (Diogo Tavares) by medical interruption in R2;
– Mauro Pedra (Diogo Tavares) defeated Emerson Falcão (Hegas Zulu) in a unanimous decision by the judges;
– Felipe Boneco Assassino (Diogo Tavares) knocked out Felipe Cabeça (Hegas Zulu) in R1.


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