Thales Leites celebrates victory in Fatality and focuses on the MFC belt

After commanding the victorious Snakes team at Fatality Arena, Thales leites It was just praise for the team competition format. The fighter spoke to the website SUPER FIGHTS and talked about his experience as a coach.


“It was very good, spectacular! The fights were of a high level and very competitive. The public found it very exciting”, said the black belt who commented on the favoritism carried by the Eagles team, led by Gustavo Ximú.



“I knew it would be a close contest regardless of whether his team (Ximú) was more experienced or not. I had a lot of confidence in my team's potential. Winning is always good, but winning is more exciting”, he says “But what really matters is that it was a real show and the team competition made the event even brighter”.



After the Fatality Arena, Thales turns his attention to the title fight at the Canadian MFC event, where he will be in action on April 9th.



“I'll fight on April 9th ​​and I'm just waiting for confirmation of the opponent, it's between Jason MacDonald, Brian Baker or Travis Lutter”, said Thales, who doesn't choose an opponent.



“It could be anyone… I know that the three of them are very good fighters and I really want to fight”, he added.


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