Gabriel Napão says: “I’m a better striker”

Recovered from an elbow infection, Gabriel Napao is in the final phase of its preparation for the Tupiniquim duel against junior gypsy at UFC Versus, on March 21, in Broomfield, in the United States. The Team Link black belt, despite being a ground game specialist, believes the fight will be decided on the feet.



“I don’t think this fight will go to the ground. I believe I'm a better striker and I want to prove it. I'm not afraid to exchange with anyone. If the fight goes to the ground, I'm at home”, said the fighter to the English magazine Fighters Only Magazine.



Napão, who challenged for the UFC heavyweight title in 2007, when he was defeated by Randy Couture, hopes to have the chance to fight for the division belt again.



“I will have that belt one day, you can write that down. I train a lot for this and I believe it will happen sooner or later”, concludes the heavyweight.


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