Marcus Davis: “I want Dan Hardy to die of AIDS”

Marcus Davis

A few days after the controversial statement by Frank mir saying he wanted to kill Brock Lesnar, the UFC saw yet another bombshell involving its athletes. The experienced Marcus Davis stated via Twitter that he hoped that his declared rival, Dan hardy, die of AIDS.



“I hope Dan Hardy dies of Aids,” said the fighter, via microblog. A few hours after publication, the message was quickly deleted.



The fighter's manager, Joe Cavallaro, in an interview with the American website MMA Junkie, tried to soften the controversial statement.



“I've known Marcus for a long time and I've never heard him say anything like that,” Cavallaro said. “Marcus has four kids and that's not something he wants to go around saying. I know he wants to fight Dan (Hardy), but I don't think he would say anything like that”, he adds.


The rivalry between Dan Hardy and Marcus Davis began at UFC-99, where during the press conference the Englishman stated that Marcus, an American with Irish ancestry, was a “fake Irishman”. In the confrontation, Dan got the better of the referees' split decision, a result that caused controversy in the specialized media and further increased the disaffection between them.



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