Royler graduates Claudinho Coelho at Sportv

Royler Grace and Claudio Coelho

The biggest stars of Brazilian MMA passed through the hands of Claudio Coelho. From members of the Gracie clan, like Royce, Royler and Renzo, to wrestling representatives like Marco Ruas and Pedro Rizzo. But Claudinho's biggest mission goes far beyond the competitive scenario, as the boxing master revealed to Sensei Sportv next Saturday.



“First of all, my objective is to train citizens, then I will want to train athletes. I feel like I have a mission, a very big responsibility within the community”, he said, showing the view from his house at the top of the Pavão-Pavãozinho hill.



In the month in which Nobre Arte turns 20 years old, Claudio Coelho opened the doors of his home and gym to our reporting team and recalled stories of the fighters who passed through there, many lives that were saved. But the highlight was something else: for the first time, Claudinho exchanged places with the students and showed that he is a virtuoso in the art of boxing.



“I’m 54 years old and I do my training, but no one has ever seen me train before.” And it was not only in the noble art that the master showed skill. Taking advantage of the pupil's passage Royler Grace for Brazil, the purple belt and Carlson student wore the gi and was also awarded the 3rd degree.


The special Sensei Sportv with master Claudio Coelho training for the first time and revealing the secrets of one of the most successful social projects in Brazil, you can watch this Saturday, after Sportv News.


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