Júnior Cigano: “I’m still a kid in boxing”

Looking for his fifth consecutive victory in the UFC, Junior Gypsy trains hard for the Brazilian duel against the black belt Gabriel Napão. In an interview with the official Ultimate website, the pupil of Rodrigo Minotauro revealed that despite his boxing surprising the world, he is still perfecting the noble art.



“I'm still green, I'm a child in boxing, with only four years of training. But I prepare with great guys and I always learn a lot”, says Cigano, who analyzes the confrontation with Napão as an opportunity to show his ground technique.



“This fight will be a test for me, I have the chance to surprise people who believe that Napão will take me down and take the fight to the ground. There are secret positions that we train and if I have the chance I won't waste them”, says the athlete.



The duel between Júnior Cigano and Gabriel Napão will be one of the attractions of UFC Versus, an event that takes place on March 20, in Broomfield, in the United States.

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