Aoki: “UFC will not be successful in Japan

Shinya Aoki

Japanese Shinya Aoki took advantage of the Strikeforce press conference, held this Thursday, and criticized the UFC management, which intends to hold an event in Japan later this year. For the fighter, the show promoted by ZUFFA, which bought Pride in 2007, will not be successful in his country.



“I don’t think the UFC will be successful in Japan,” Aoki said. “It is a very special market”, he added, referring to the non-continuation of Pride, as agreed at the time of sale.



Aoki, who will make his debut on American soil against Gilbert Melendez at Strikeforce, on April 17th, took the opportunity to highlight that he has no goal of pursuing a career in the United States and feels good fighting for Dream.



“It’s not a goal (to fight in America), because I don’t think the United States is number one (to fight in the world),” he said. “I feel good about Dream, so he is number one”, added the fighter


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