André Benkei on the Pitbull case: “It’s very strange”

André Benkei

Responsible for years for the physical preparation of Thiago Pitbull, André Benkei was surprised by the news released this Thursday (remember here), where the ATT athlete was removed from the UFC-111 card due to a problem with his brain artery.  



“Thiago hasn’t worked with me since the end of last year, but he’s never had any problems,” said Benkei, in an exclusive statement to the website SUPER FIGHTS.



“I find it strange, because two days before the weigh-in there is a 'cat scan' (tomography) problem, because this is resolved a month before”, continued the physical trainer who explained how the procedure is carried out.



“A tomography is carried out to be sent to the Commissions. This tomography is done by the athlete's doctor and is then approved. And normally, when you send it, you’ve already seen the results of the exam.”


“In Thiago's case, all the cat scans he did with me showed nothing... Absolutely nothing, but I can't tell you now... But if anything appeared now, it was already known in advance and not two days before of the fight….It’s very strange!”, he added. Benkei also stated that the New Jersey Athletic Commission is very easy to work with, despite Pitbull having already been forced to repeat some exams in another presentation.



“Especially in the New Jersey Commission, which is very calm. I have always found the New Jersey Commission to be the best. He (Thiago Pitbull) has already had a problem with the New Jersey Commission, in another fight when he had to repeat a blood test, but it is very quick”, he concluded.


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