WWE's Batista could be on his way to Strikeforce

Batiste Polka Dots

After Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, another WWE giant could be on his way to MMA. According to a report from the American gossip website TMZ, David Bautista Junior, or simply Batista, is negotiating his debut with Strikeforce.



Batista, 41, started on the pro-wrestling circuit in 2000 and joined WWE in 2002. Although he is one of the show's biggest stars, he cut ties with WWE in May of this year.



Another indication that the debut of the 150-kilo giant is near is the blog of WWE announcer Jim Ross who published that Batista is training MMA for his debut.



“I heard some rumors that Batista could try his luck in the world of MMA. I know that Batista has been training well and is interested in his debut,” said Ross.

Poatan is defended by former champion amid persecution suffered in the UFC


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