WEC-51: Aldo knocks out Gamburyan and defends belt

Aldo successfully defends WEC belt

With the right to a show, Jose aldo He successfully defended the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) featherweight belt, an event that held its 51st edition this Thursday, in Broomfield, in the United States. The Brazilian dominated the fight against the Armenian Manny gamburyan and knocked out his opponent in the second round. With the result, Aldo extends his winning streak to 11 consecutive victories and has not known what it's like to lose since 2005. Another Brazilian on the card, Diego nunes he also left the octagon victorious. He defeated Tyler Toner in the unanimous decision of the judges.

With authority, Jose aldo knocks out Manny Gamburyan


José Aldo needed just over six minutes to show why he is the best featherweight fighter in the world. Facing the Armenian Manny Gamburyan, the Nova União athlete started the fight studying his opponent, who tried to attack with punches, but always aiming for a takedown. In the second round, with his opponent's strategy defined, Aldo wasted no time and set out to define the duel. The Brazilian threw good low kicks at Gamburyan, who felt the blows and tried to attack Aldo's legs, but was surprised by an uppercut that led to a knockdown. Quick on the trigger, the Tupiniquim athlete used strong blows on the ground and pound to end the fight via technical knockout.

Cerrone surpasses Varner in great advance

In an expected rematch, Donald Cerrone and Jamie Varner fought a very busy duel. Willing to avenge the defeat he suffered in 2008, Cerrone went all out to define the fight right from the start. After a sequence of blows, Varner was knocked down, but managed to get up and continue the fight. Using his greater wingspan, Donald was better again in the second round, the “Cowboy”, as he is known, applied good low kicks and beautiful dodges to escape Jamie's punches. Knowing that he was losing the duel on the judges' scorecards, Varner attacked desperately in the last round, closing the distance and applying great boxing sequences, however, in the final half of the round he was knocked down again and suffered from attacks on the ground and pound. In the end, victory Donald Cerrone in the unanimous decision of the judges.


Torres submits Valencia and makes peace with victory

After suffering two consecutive defeats, Miguel Torres made peace with victory tonight. Against Charlie Valencia, former WEC champion dominated the fight in the first round, where he almost ended the fight after achieving a knockdown and punishing his opponent in the ground and pound, who ended up saved by the bell. In the second round, Torres wasted no time and went all out to end the fight. After getting a takedown, Miguel got to his back and ended the fight with a beautiful rear naked choke.


George Roop surprises and knocks out Chan sung jung

In front of the favorite Chan sung jung, North American George Roop surprised the Korean with a beautiful knockout in the second fight on the main card. After a balanced first round, Roop went on to define the fight in the second round. After a sequence of two punches, George delivered a beautiful high kick that knocked Jung out.



Mark hominick beats Leonard Garcia in a balanced fight

In the first fight of the main card, Leonard Garcia and Mark hominick They fought during the three rounds of striking. Garcia opted to rotate around the octagon and unleash more strikes, while Hominick used an efficient counterattack to hit his opponent. After two very balanced rounds, in the last round Mark showed better physical fitness and applied good blows to win the duel with a split decision from the judges. (29×28, 28×29, 29×28)

Diego Nunes wins in the preliminaries

The first Brazilian to enter the octagon, Diego Nunes achieved another WEC triumph. Against Tyler Toner, the Nova União athlete dominated the duel on the ground and attempted the submission twice, but the North American defended himself well. In the end, the Brazilian athlete won the unanimous decision of the judges. Check out the full results of the event:


Main Card

Jose aldo defeated Manny Gamburyan via TKO in R2;
Donald Cerrone defeated Jamie Varner via unanimous decision;

Miguel Torres submitted Charlie Valencia with a rear naked choke in R2;

George Roop defeated Chan sung jung by knockout in R2;

Mark hominick defeated Leonard Garcia via split decision;


Preliminary Card

Mike Brown defeated Cole Province via TKO in R1;

Chris Horodecki defeated Ed Ratcliff via split decision;

Antonio Banuelos defeated Chad George via unanimous decision;

Demetrious Johnson defeated Nick Pace via unanimous decision;

Diego nunes defeated Tyler Toner via unanimous decision;

Zhang Tie Quan submitted Pablo Garza with a guillotine choke in R1

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