Brock Lesnar is favorite to face Cain Velasquez

Bets have always moved behind the scenes of Ultimate and UFC-121, an event taking place this Saturday in Anaheim, California, was no different.

In the main fight of the night, valid for the heavyweight belt, the current champion, Brock Lesnar is the favorite in the fight against Cain Velazquez. According to Sporting Bet, for every 10 reais placed on the owner of the belt, in case of Brock's victory, the bettor wins 17 reais, while, betting the same amount on the challenger, the prize is 20 reais.


Among the Brazilian athletes at the event, both are favorites in their clashes. Gabriel “Napão” takes advantage in the duel against Brendan Schaub. For every 10 reais bet on the Tupiniquim black belt, in case of Napão's victory, the player will receive 15,71 reais. If the bettor places his guesses on the North American, for every 10 reais, he will receive 23.

Another Brazilian on the card, Paulo thiago is also the favorite against Diego Sanchez. According to Betsson, for every 10 reais bet on the Tupiniquim athlete, in the event of the Brasilia fighter's victory, he pockets 18,30 reais, while, for those who opt for Sanchez, the prize is 19,10 reais.



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* All companies are in countries where betting is regularized and have full authorization to create content for Brazilians legally.


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