Predador FC and First Class Fight promote MMA in São Paulo

Paul Philo will make main fight of FCF-5

On a Saturday with a UFC heavyweight title fight, national MMA is also busy this weekend. Predador FC 16 and First Class Fight 5 rock the state of São Paulo tonight.



With Paul Philo Starring in the main attraction of the event, FCF will hold its fifth edition at Ginásio Mauro Pinheiro, in Ibirapuera. The show, promoted by Roberto Godoy, will feature nine MMA fights, with emphasis on the duel between Paulão and the undefeated Antonio Pezão.



Predador FC, on the other hand, holds its 16th edition in the city of Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo. The show will feature 11 MMA fights and a Muay Thai fight. The highlight of the event is Paulo Tuba, training partner of Mauricio Shogun, who will face Valter Luis.



Check out the full card of events:




First Class Fight 5

Location: Mauro Pinheiro Gym

City: Sao Paulo


Paul Philo vs. Marco Antonio Pezão (category up to 93 kg)

Daniel sarafian vs. Maurício Alonso (category up to 87 kg)

Fábio Negão vs. Juliano Belgine (category up to 84 kg)

Murilo Santana vs. Jorge Michelan (category up to 77 kg)

Márcio Costa vs. Matheus Serafim (category up to 84 kg)

Alexandre “Popó” Bezerra vs. Luiz Rogério (category up to 66 kg)

Paulo Snups vs. Udi Lima (category up to 70 kg)

Flávio Álvaro vs. Samuel Quito (category up to 77 kg)

Caio Glauco vs. Rafael Bueno (category up to 70 kg)


Predator FC 16

Location: Sagae Eventos

City: Bauru – São Paulo


Muay Thai

 Juliano Vilela (Chute Boxe – SP) vs. Claudio Delira (Gibi Thai / Pamplona)



Paulo Tuba (UDL) vs. Valter Luis (Motta Jiu-Jitsu)

Alessandro Zóio (Chute Boxe) vs. Roberto Corvo (Minotauro Team)

Mauricio Rossi (Minotauro Team) vs. Luciano Boinha (Chute Boxe – Avaré)

Bruno Cesar (Chris Gold Team/Macaco Gold Team) vs. Joao Paulo (Mix Fight)

João Paulo (Chute Boxe – Bauru) vs. Wellington Negão (EFG/Inside)

Missael (Ricardo Pereira AOA) vs. Renato Cianfa (EFG/Inside)

Cleber Pit Bull (Pattaya) vs. Rambinho (Minotauro Team)

Stevan Gutierrez (Herman Gutierrez AOA) vs. Marcelo Barbosa (Chute Boxe – Bauru)

Charles Maicon (Herman Gutierrez AOA) vs. Antonio Martins (Bronx Gold Team)

Antonio Magno KriKri (Minotauro Team) vs. Lucas Maranhão (Bronxs Gold Team)

Pit Bull (Pit Bull JJ- Bauru) vs. Ricardo Mirrado (Chute Boxe – Piraju)


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